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Real Estate Litigation & Transactions

Buying or selling a home or commercial real estate development can pose risks. Litigation may be necessary when contracts are violated. When confronted with real estate disputes, it is important to gather the necessary resources. Hensley & Krueger, LLP have a long history of experience in real estate litigation and transactions.

Our attorneys are able to assist you with the following real estate issues

  • Failure to disclose condition of the house
  • Faulty construction
  • Property liens
  • Disputed title or deed
  • Condominium covenants
  • Escrow account disputes
  • Home purchase agreements
  • Commercial purchase agreements
  • Land use or zoning disputes
  • Partition options
  • Secured Transactions
  • Loan Financing documents
  • Protection of Real Property Interests
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Contracts: Real estate contracts can be complicated and confusing. This is especially true in commercial real estate is involved. Our attorneys thoroughly review your contacts and documents in efforts to determine possible exposure to liability and/or obligations that may have been inserted in the terms of the contract.

In cases that may involve environmental pollution, defective workmanship or a failure to disclose property conditions, we interview witnesses, gather evidence, and document bad faith practices on the part of real estate agents, if involved. Our experienced attorneys review the most current and applicable case law and closely monitor relevant legislation to ensure we advise our clients of all legal options and contingencies.

Large house in sunny weather

Real Estate Transactions: Commercial and residential real estate transactions often involve a high number of documents and fillings with county and state offices. A single oversight can result in legal issues that are not only costly, but a possible threat to your ownership of the property. Attorneys at Hensley & Krueger, LLP have managed the real estate transactions of thousands of Houston-area clients.

Our legal team is experienced with all legalities and challenges related to real estate transactions, including

  • Closing documents and deeds
  • Attendance at closings and negotiations
  • Drafting and reviewing buy-sell agreements
  • Drafting deeds and contracts
  • Assistance in acquiring property, negotiating leases and real estate investment
  • Assisting companies in locating property, assessing values, locating mortgage companies, arranging financing and facilitating contractors.

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